Novels and Series

Long guarded by the Knights and protected by the Gods to the West, Adomar is a land at peace – provided the price is paid. The Knights require volunteers; the Gods require tribute.Task Tannes, local thief and trickster extraordinaire, requires a warm bed, other people’s gold and to stay out of sight.

When the latest tribute is called, Task sees an opportunity for wealth. After winning his place in the escort party, he expects to be traveling to the West with a few peasants and a crying maiden. Who he receives are a mage, a summoner, the Knight Master Geir of Adomar and the tribute, the Princess Ziove. The gold begins to seem too meager.

Once they arrive, however, Task learns just how similar “tribute” and “volunteer” are to “sacrifice.” His mission turns from escort to rescue as he and his companions scramble to find the clues that will lead them to the missing princess. Risking his gold won’t stop him

The Vrolki dwell in the darkest depths of murky swamps of Xene. The rumors speak of their fanged smiles, their glowing eyes and their penchant for human flesh. To seek their counsel is to risk death and to ignore their advice is to court misery.

Lady Thilda is willing to take that chance in order to save not only her life, but those of her people. The assassins of the Blackstone Lich, thought to be destroyed by her father, have risen again. Their midnight raids upon Lasiris have claimed livestock and lives alike, bringing the once prosperous land to the precipice of disaster. Between the evils of the Lich and the threat of the Vrolki, she knows her decision.

There is no other choice.

The Cantor of Corwe has retired.

At least, that was the plan. Now old allies and old enemies decide to come back to make his peaceful, solo life into a gods-damned-symphony.

Princess Cyna is sick of being told what to say, what to wear and who to marry. Prince Kenelm is far from the worst but he isn’t who she chose. So when a knight from a neighboring kingdom arrives, just as she wishes for one to, he’s all she can think about.

Will Sir Eadwin take her away from Aylea just as quickly as he’s taken her heart? Or will Cyna learn that sometimes things aren’t as they seem?