About the Author

At 11, the family tradition is to read The Hobbit and that’s been the main influence on K.A. Wyles’ life since then. With a love of fantasy and horror, Wyles read everything as much as possible from the school libraries, the local libraries and even online. During college, Wyles took the step to write the first of what would be many novels.

The first one done – and trunked – soon became a second, then a third, then a fourth… Which leads us to where we are today. During the next few years, this website and blog will follow the fantastic and horrid Journey to Publishing as words are written, slashed, rewritten, murdered, then sent to their eventual doom.

When not writing, Wyles is a professor and laboratory manager at a university. If you need to know how bacteria can kill a man, and then how to cover up the body, Wyles can explain it clearly and succinctly – minus a few steps to protect the innocent.