The reason I started this blog, and the reason that I’ve really put a focus on writing this year, is for publication. And because I hate to do things alone, I made a challenge for it.

I introduce you to… #Pub2020.

The plan for the year.

What is it? It’s simple. A group of writing friends and I decided that we would do our utmost to take a novel we’re writing or have finished and edit, rewrite, revise and polish until it is ready to be sent out into the world. At that point, querying and pitching should follow, with the aim of an agent or a smaller publishing house.

It seems like a year-to-two-years may be a small time frame, but my real focus is to get into the mindset that I write things worth reading. That I can fix the problems in my writing and there’s nothing wrong with not having a perfect draft on the first try. Whether that’s a hold over from my past or a mental perfectionist thing, I don’t care. I have to work on it.

So this year, I’m moving forward with The Final Rose to try and get that into shape. It’s a novel that reminds me of a Final Fantasy video game come to literature. I have to work on my comps, but that’ll come after I finish the novel.

I also want to use it for Pitch Wars, so the deadline is giving me motivation.

Do you want to join in on #Pub2020? The main thread is over on WriYe in the Publishing subforum. In this blog, I’ll update when I finish each step.

So far, I am now on: ” Edit First Draft for Content”

Here I go.

Author: K. A. Wyles

Another one of those pesky fantasy writers chronicling their adventure through writing, editing and publishing. Red Inked Blade always at the ready!

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