Words and Wyles

Hello, writing world.

It is I, K. A. Wyles, speculative fiction writer (horror and fantasy, mostly) and scientist. But this blog only focuses on one half of that, and it’s not the one with beakers and flasks. More about me will be in the About Me page, so let’s focus on the details here.

It seems I, once again, find myself re-starting this blog. But, fittingly, I am also creating a website to go with it so, win/win. I see that the time I was ever blog-active was 2014, which was the last year I really did any significant writing. The day job ate me up, gave me a second job, and I have finally been able to break the 60+ hour work weeks by having a child.

They’re good for something I guess. (Warning: There may be sarcasm.)

So, back into the groove. I have a story I’m already working on, but surprisingly, I’ve started to finally care about publishing a novel. It’s always been a “side” thing of mine; I write for fun and if something seems good, I’ll publish it. I didn’t want to edit.I just wanted to spit out all the writing in my brain and share with my friends.

But now? Now I want to publish and send my work to strangers. That’s my main focus. Over on WriYe, I’ve started up a group goal known as #Pub2020. It’s just what it sounds like: Get Published (or an Agent, or an Editor, or a Marketable Draft) by the end of 2020.

Is it a stretch goal? Yes. But it’ll get me focused. And having a group of fellow writing friends – new and old – do it with me will motivate me not to quit. I hate failing and I hate failing in front of people more.

Since I’d like to be serious, I’m also going to start taking the whole platform thing serious too. Which means new Twitter focused on writing, potential self-published novella to get my name out there, maybe a website?, and – most important – this blog has to come back to life.

And what better thing to bring it back to life (like the zombies that inspire it) than the January WriYe Blog Circle? That post will follow this one. Then my goal is one post a week about what I’m doing, my opinions on happenings, anything I find interesting, and more. Maybe a few excerpts. And polls on what I should focus on for things like PitchWars.

Here’s to 2019! May it be full of words and wisdom.

Author: K. A. Wyles

Another one of those pesky fantasy writers chronicling their adventure through writing, editing and publishing. Red Inked Blade always at the ready!

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